Tips on creating formative quizzes

Mastery Learning (Bloom, 1971) involves the student being ‘tested’ on their grasp of concepts tCC-NC-pizabay.comhat may have been taught through a range of resources and modes. It is important though to provide students’ with frequent and specific feedback on their progress.

There are many tools for testing Students’ understanding and providing feedback. Using the UTSOnline Test tool will allow embedding of short quizzes with content (text, video or image based).

  • Select settings that do not grade but give feedback for students to self-assess.
  • Allow multiple attempts so students can improve on their score
  • Set up a practice Test for students to take before an assessable Test so students can familiarise with navigation and operations of a Test in UTSOnline.
  • Try out your Test BEFORE students sit it.

table introduces and compares five different tools you can use for creating multimedia quizzes.