YouTube ending support for direct Webcam Capture (including Video Everywhere in UTSOnline)

Google have announced that the ability to directly capture video from a webcam to YouTube will end on the 16th of January 2016.

Direct webcam capture to YouTube will no longer be available via:

  • The YouTube webcam capture web page
  • The Video Everywhere webcam capture tool in UTSOnline

Users will now need to record webcam video to their computer and then upload it to YouTube. The following options are available for UTS supported platforms:

Echo360 Desktop Capture (Mac and Windows)

Echo360 can be used to capture webcam and desktop video for upload to YouTube. As an alternative, users may wish to utilise one of the alternatives listed below for Mac OS X or Windows 7:

Mac OS X

Mac users can use QuickTime to record a video from their webcam, after which it may be uploaded to YouTube. QuickTime is installed by default on all Macs. Users may choose to edit their video in QuickTime before uploading or after uploading in the YouTube video editor.

Windows 7

Windows 7 users can use Windows Movie Maker to record a video from their webcam, after which it may be uploaded to YouTube. Users can edit their video in Windows Movie Maker before uploading or after uploading in the YouTube video editor.

Instructions on how to capture webcam video using Windows Movie Maker can be found on our resource pages.

NOTE: Windows Movie Maker is part of the Windows Essentials suite that is not installed by default on UTS Windows 7 computers. Please contact the IT Support Centre to request installation if required.

Mobile devices

Direct capture to YouTube is not currently supported on iOS or Android devices. To record and upload video to YouTube please consult our resource pages on shooting and uploading video to YouTube.