How to Screencast

This page includes resources for creating screencasts and the software options.  Screencasts (or screen-recordings) are a powerful way to capture your Powerpoint presentations, walk students through your UTSOnline site or to create simple how to videos for your subject. Screen casting is a way to capture anything you do on screen.

Echo360 is the recommended and supported application for screen-recording on Windows. Details for installing Echo360 are outlined here. Apple QuickTime is the recommended application for creating a Screencast (screen recording) on recent Apple computers. Quicktime comes pre-installed.

There are dedicated screen recording/screencast applications with more features and capabilities, but these are not free, not supported by ITD and can only be installed on computers on which you have full admin access. Recommendations include simple tools like Voila (Apple) and Snagit (Apple/Windows) or full-featured tools like Screenflow (Apple) and Camtasia (Apple/Windows). These can all be purchased with education discounts. Continue reading