A Learning pathway is described as the route taken by a student through a range of e-learning activities, which allows them to build their knowledge progressively. A Pathway is a sequence of chosen online materials within a subject. These pathways are educational road maps and they could be used to guide students to support their achievement of Graduate Attributes and Course Intended Learning Outcomes.

UTSOnline has a number of online tools which enable instructors to set up learning pathways. These tools are available to all our instructors and support is available from IML Learning Technologists to select the best tool to fit your objective, and to help design and implement the pathway.

UTSOnline available Tools

SCORM packages *

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for Online learning or educational technology. A SCORM package is deployed in a subject to present content, media, and quizzes, with results recorded in the grade center. There are many e-learning tools that can be used to create SCORM packages, including Adobe Captivate and Camtasia. Instructors can create a set of questions with Adobe Captivate and direct students to different study materials based on their results.

Adaptive release *

With adaptive release, instructors can create a set of rules to control how content is released to students in their subjects.

Learning Modules *

A learning module is an organised collection of subject materials presented with a table of contents.


Lesson Plans *

A lesson plan is a container for content that can hold lesson profiles, instructional objectives, and the content items students need to complete a lesson.