In 2017 the subject site creation process has become more automated and streamlined and staff and students will have ongoing access to their subject sites. This means that:

  • Staff no longer need to submit a form in Forms for Subject Setup for subject creation or enrolment for major sessions – Autumn (Calendar A and B), Spring (Calendar A and B), Summer
  • Student tutorial and lab group allocation from MSA+ are automatically mirrored and updated in each UTSOnline subject (i.e. no form submission)
  • Starting from the end of Spring 2016 students are no longer removed at the end of any sessions
  • Staff and students are able to view their subject sites from previous sessions

What is the reason for the change? *

Retaining subject sites from the previous session allows staff to prepare for the next session while continuing to work in the current or previous session site, and to provide access to study materials for students who are sitting supplementary and alternate exams for a previous session.

Staff requested this in the evaluation of UTSOnline done in 2014, and students requested it in the evaluation of the temporary archiving solution at the end of the Autumn 2016 Session.

Positive benefits reported include from students doing internships or placements at the end of a session who noted they would value being able to look back over the materials when they returned.


How will my site for a new session be made? *

The UTSOnline subject creation process will be automated, drawing on information from the UTS Curriculum and Student System (CASS) for each session.

  • Each major session, all active subjects in CASS will have a new site created in UTSOnline
  • The new site for any major session will be a copy of the subject site used in the previous session
  • For any subject where there is more than one existing site already in UTSOnline, the most recent iteration will be used as the source
  • For subjects where there is no existing site in UTSOnline a new blank site will be created


When and how will students and the teaching team be added to my site? *

  • New sites will have the Subject Coordinator or Faculty Admin enroled in the Instructor role where identifiable
  • Newly created sites will be unavailable to students by default and will automatically become available immediately prior to the start of Orientation and Preparation week (Monday February 20, 2017). Staff can make their sites available to students earlier than this date. For instructions on making your site available to students, refer to the Managing site availability help page.
  • For subjects with activity-based allocations such as Tutorials and Computer labs, matching Groups will be automatically created and populated in your subject site for all activities, once subject enrolment has completed


What will my site for the next session contain? *

Your site for each new session will be a copy of what you had in the site for the previous session, without the old student data.

Will be copied

  • All content uploaded by staff including announcements
  • Assignments
  • Discussion Board forums and top level threads
  • Turnitin assignments
  • Campus Pack content
  • Adaptive release settings
  • Grade Centre columns
  • Groups which were manually created
  • Rubrics
  • Subject settings
  • Staff Information
  • Student Activity Centre Rules
  • Tasks
  • Tests (Quizzes), Surveys and Pools
  • Non-student users (Instructor, Tutor, Subject Builder, Marker)

Won’t be copied

  • Student grades
  • Student assessment submissions such as quiz attempts, Blackboard assignment submissions
  • Areas containing student contributions such as Blackboard blogs, wikis, journals; discussion board posts
  • Groups which were automatically created according to MSA+ activities (as these are created fresh each new session)
  • Student enrolments
  • Student-view accounts


What if I teach in a minor session or session other than Autumn, Spring or Summer? *

  • Sessions other than Autumn, Spring and Summer (such as Dec-Feb, December, Jan-Mar and so on) will continue to require a form to be submitted for enrolment, however they will be created as a copy of the previous iteration, and will not have students removed


Will I still need to use Forms for Subject Setup *

You will only need to use the form for the following:

  • Requesting enrolment of Forums
  • Requesting enrolment of subjects for sessions other than Autumn, Spring and Summer (such as Dec-Feb, December, Jan-Mar and so on)
  • Requesting new sites not enroled from CASS, for example short courses
  • Requesting temporary accounts for new staff or non-UTS staff
  • Activating your student view account


Key dates for Autumn Session 2017 *

  • UTSOnline Autumn sites created and enroled – on Wednesday January 18, 2017
  • UTSOnline Autumn sites are made available – immediately prior to Monday February 20, 2017
  • Autumn Orientation and Preparation week starts – February 20, 2017
  • Group creation and enrolment from MSA+ activities – February 17-23, 2017


How do I enable ‘Sessions’ in the My Subjects module *

To assist identification of subject sites in your ‘My Subjects’ module, we have enabled a Blackboard feature called ‘Sessions’. This will enable you to separate the display of your subjects by session.

The following screen capture shows how to configure Sessions (click to play). Note that staff will only see Sessions if they are enroled into a  Summer 2016 or Autumn 2017 subject site, and additionally students will only see Sessions if at least one of their subject sites is available.


I Have a Question *

If you need help or have a question which is not answered on this page please log a request via Service Connect.