These information pages provide technical and administrative assistance to staff using or planning to use UTSOnline.
You can lodge all technical and administrative queries or requests relating to UTSOnline with the IT Support Centre.


About UTSOnline *

UTSOnline is the site for students and staff to access course or subject related materials and communications.

UTSOnline subject sites typically contain:

  • Subject outlines
  • Announcements
  • Blogs, wikis and discussion boards
  • Assessment information
  • Assignment submission tools
  • Results and feedback
  • Collaboration workspaces

Adding your Subject Outline to UTSOnline *

Subject outlines, including those for distance mode and block subjects, should be uploaded prior to the start of Orientation and Preparation weeks for the main teaching sessions in the Main Calendar and Calendar B.

Requesting a subject in UTSOnline *

Subjects are automatically created in UTSOnline. For further information, please refer to the Automated UTSOnline Subject Creation and Enrolment help page.
Use the Subject Availability tool to confirm whether your subject is available in UTSOnline.

Managing your sites *

Please visit the Managing your sites help page to find all the administrative tasks that you can execute within your UTSOnline site.

Differences between UTSOnline Subjects, Forums, and Communities *

Each site has characteristics that differentiate it from the others but they all have access to the same functionality and features. The primary reason is that it allows the Learning and Teaching Systems team to easily classify UTSOnline sites based on how they are used.

Setting up the look and feel of your site *

Your UTSOnline site could be set up the right way for the purpose that you need. Here we take you step by step through the whole process to achieve this.

Building Content *

You can add a variety of content types to your subject site. From within a Content Area you can add items (labels, explanations), files, audio, images, video and much more.

Communicating and Collaborating *

UTSOnline offers a wide range of communication and collaboration tools.

Building Assessment tasks *

The online assessment tools in UTSOnline can facilitate a wide variety of learning activities for students. The tools include: surveys, test, quizzes, and electronic submission of assignments.

Marking and Grading *

This page provides you detailed guides for setting and marking assessment tasks

UTSOnline Support For Staff *

Find out how we help UTS staff by offering information and education about UTSOnline and eLearning activities