Getting Ready in UTSOnline

Getting ready for the new session in 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Clear your workspace:

Delete old material or if you are unsure, archive it and get it out of the way. How?

  • Add a new content area in the left menu and name it Archive
  • Do not tick the make visible box so it will stay hidden from student view
  • Navigate to an area of your site where there is old material
  • For each item or folder that you want to archive, drop down the item’s menu and choose ‘Move’.  You will then have the option to browse within your site for the Archive folder that you created and move files out of areas where they are unwanted
  • Delete or hide old announcements

How to guide – Clear your workspace

Step 2: Alter your menu to enhance navigation:

  •      Add subheadings and dividers
  •      Move items into logical groups
  •      Create a Welcome and/or Orientation and Preparation landing page
  •      Change the entry page – with or without an alternate banner
  •      What do your students see? – activate your student user account and student preview

How to Guide – Enhance your navigation

   Step 3: Cleanup within the grade centre:

  • Choose Full Grade Centre
  • If you have a large number of columns left over from previous assignments, go to Manage – > Column Organisation
  • Select all the columns you wish to hide and click the Show/Hide button.

How to Guide – Cleanup the Grade Centre

Step 4: Arrange your content collection and consider using a different workflow.

  •      Access the Control Panel->Content Collection
  •      Setup Shared Location
  •      Copy URL
  •      Open Finder and Go -> Connect to Server
  •      Paste in the URL
  •      Enter credentials
  •      When connected you can organise files and folders easily
  •      You can also set up a local version of your site content and upload bulk folders or files
  •      Within your site you then upload from within your subject rather than from your desktop.

How to Guide – Content Collection and Workflow